Hi! I'm Curtis.

Thank you for stopping by. I can't know why you stopped by. This this is where you can get to know what I'm about.  I love meeting people and discovering new opportunities and ideas.

Thoughts on being a man in todays world...




Raised on Saskatchewan farm work ethic and values and cut my teeth in the fields of science and business. My career has been anything but a straight line. But it has been an amazing journey that has spanned roles, industries, company cultures, leadership styles. I have seen what works, what doesn't, what struggles businesses, teams and leaders share.

I also have learned where there are opportunities to innovate from other industries.

All businesses share the same 5 essentials:

  • They need an opportunity to make money (marketing)
  • They need to capture that opportunity (sales)
  • They need to deliver on what they sold (production or operations)
  • They need to keep track of money in and out (accounting)
  • ...and... they need to make sure it all gets done in a timely - and profitable - fashion (leadership).

Each of these areas has their own challenges and expertise. Experts about for each one. My expertise is in bringing then all together cohesively.

my approach is simple.

Like a naturopathic doctor (ND), I look at the whole system as an entity. I understand the interconnections. I look at what is working then I look at what slows it all down.

My undergrad is in genetics. My MSc is in applied science. and my MBA focused on Marketing and Operations (with an emphasis on service businesses). I bring a solid mix science, facts, and rigour. This has given me an ability to see and create streamlined systems, processes and procedures along with succinct and clear communication.

As a human, and as a man, I have faced some deep dark places that were a gift. I have connected with my feminine (nurturing, caring, soft edges and communication). I balance this with my masculine (taking action, getting stuff done, hard lines and accountability). I bring this to my own leadership and I encourage those around me to as well. I truly believe you can attract more bees with honey than you can flies to s**t. Or at least count on the bees to work together better! LOL.

I'm an author

This is a big one for me to proclaim. I'm not cut from the cloth that it is okay to "boast". It has taken years and contributions to three best selling (in their categories) books


Best selling author in three diverse categories.

  • "Feelings about Feelings" in the book titled Boys Do Cry. Available on Amazon.

What does working with me look like?

In the immortal words of Monty Python, The Life of Brian..."life is full of s***, when you look at it....always, look at the bright side of life..." (LOL! Sorry I like a good cheezy laugh now and then)

I'm human and I'm a man. Sooo ... I screw up. I also own my mistakes. I learn and I try to be better. I often screw up again... and I own it again...

I truly believe that the biggest factor in making a business, or a team, or a leadership great is the people "on the bus"....and that responsibility is THE definition what it means to be a leader...helping people truly be their own best.

In genetics it has been determined that only 4% of the genome separates the difference between a human and a chimpanzee. Similarly in business, the difference between a good organization and a great one is small but significant and that difference lies in the people.

Ask me how that happens for you or your organization...

(therein lies the opportunity for both of us)

focus on your team or someone else will.